This paper describes the main aspects and outputs of a major project, which was completed recently, and was aimed at producing the necessary tools to support a sustainable and integrated development for the water supply and wastewater sectors in Portugal, within the present context of political prominence, the availability of important financial resources and opening to the private sector.

The major outputs and innovating contributions described in this paper, which address a wide range of users—including regulators, water utilities, consultants, contractors, manufactures, research and development organisations and universities—can be seen as guidance tools for a sustainable process of technology transfer and procedures for the alteration of behaviours. This project was developed within the philosophy and principles of the Portuguese Quality System, in which the final goal is to create conditions for the qualification and certification of all those interested in this process.

The authors believe that the set of tools resulting from this project could significantly contribute to the quality which must be associated with such a large number of water supply and wastewater systems during the next few years, in order to ensure that we are working for excellence towards the achievement of those essential services.

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