The Bandra Influent Pumping Station (referred to subsequently as the IPS), at Mumbai (Bombay) in India, is a key element in the Bandra drainage area of Mumbai. Construction of the whole scheme started in the mid 1980s but by the early 1990s had run into construction and financial difficulties. Binnie & Partners (India) Ltd (referred to subsequently in this paper as Binnie and now part of the Black & Veatch group) were commissioned to redesign the IPS, with the assistance of Tata Consulting Engineers of Mumbai (TCE). This paper discusses the details of the changes and the development of what is thought to be a unique layout for a major sewage pumping station. As part of the re-design process, the station was model-tested at the BHr Group laboratories and the model and the modifications required to the station as a result of the testing are also discussed.

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