The development of the Slovak public water supply has fallen behind other European countries. In 2000, only 82.9% of the population was connected to public water systems which supplied them with drinking water. The development of public sewerage not only pales in comparison with that of other European countries, but is also even behind the public water supply system. In 2000, only 54.7% of the total population of Slovakia lived in buildings connected to public sewerage.

This paper deals with issues relating to water resources, water utilization, water quality and protection, water supply systems and sewerage discharge. The crucial topics discussed, not only by professionals but also by the general public, include water management and the ongoing process of water and sewerage works (WSW) privatization. This is a highly demanding task, in particular for those Slovak authorities and organizations responsible for meeting these requirements. The task is especially formidable since, besides resolving all major current problems, they are also expected to outline the future perspectives of Slovak water management.

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