The natural clinoptilolite originating from Baiyin in Gansu province was selected as filter material for the advanced treatment of potable water in this investigation. The optimal parameters for zeolite activation were obtained by a series of experiments: the concentration of MgCl2 is 20%, the temperature of heating is 300°C and the contact time is 20 minutes. This kind of activated zeolite was applied in Lanzhou Railway waterworks as filter material for the advanced treatment of potable water, and its adsorption effects were observed and compared with that of activated carbon. The observed date indicated that the activated zeolite could remove hardness, iron, manganese, arsenic, anion detergent, sulfate and soluble solid effectively. As a filter material, the activated zeolite was similar to the activated carbon, but much cheaper for preparation and much easier for regeneration, so it is possible to substitute activated zeolite for activated carbon in the advanced treatment of potable water.

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