Groundwater is the main source of drinking water for the City of Antalya, Turkey. The groundwater is naturally very hard, but is otherwise of good quality, although the public usually exaggerates the health effects of hardness. However, some pollutants enter the distribution network during maintenance operations and water cut-off. Deterioration of water quality is also reported in areas within Antalya that have old distribution networks. Some members of the public are suspicious of the water quality because they do not receive regular information about the quality of their drinking water. As a result, most residents do not drink water from the public supply. Instead, they use other sources such as bottled water or small home treatment systems. A questionnaire was prepared to elicit public opinion about tap water quality problems and possible solutions. The results of the questionnaire provided important ideas for improving the acceptance by the public of tap water as a drinking source at low cost. These ideas include organizing public awareness campaigns, informing the public about the results of potable water quality monitoring, using drain valves after maintenance, and renewing old parts of the distribution network.

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