Ozonation experiments (2.5–5 m3 h−1) were performed by dosing dissolved ozone in a continuous flow pilot-scale contactor consisting of a pipe with plug flow reactor (PFR) characteristics. In the PFR ozone, E. coli, bromate and AOC concentrations were measured from 1.3 to 1,460 seconds retention time during ozonation of natural water. The experimental data were used to develop an integrated semi-empirical dynamic model describing the measured parameters for the initial phase (t<~20 seconds) as well as the second phase (t>~20 seconds) of ozone decomposition. It was concluded that for the natural water tested E. coli inactivation was very fast, more than 4 log units after 5 seconds for ozone dosages higher than approximately 0.6 mg-O3l−1. Further it was concluded that semi-empirical models are suited for modeling of ozone decomposition, disinfection, bromate and AOC formation in natural water.

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