To control bromate (BrO3) contamination in the water supply, it is necessary to develop a rapid BrO3 removal technology without a post-treatment. In this study, rapid removal of BrO3 from water streams was examined using an electrolytic flow cell. Copper was selected as a working electrode for BrO3 reduction by cyclic voltammetry. The electrolytic flow cell with a layered copper mesh cathode successfully reduced BrO3 to Br at around neutral pH. BrO3 removal followed the pseudo-first order reaction of BrO3 concentration, and the reaction rate constant based on common logarithm was evaluated to be 0.00224 s−1. Only 3.6 min of contact time was required to decrease BrO3 concentration in tap water from 30 to 10 μg/L without pH control. Thus, the electrochemical process is feasible for rapid removal of BrO3 without post-treatment.

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