Long range planning for water reuse is very complex due to the interplay of numerous factors. A multi-faceted study was conducted to improve the understanding of these factors, to analyze how different scenarios of the future may affect these factors and water reuse, and to help determine which of these factors and issues are most important to address in order to ensure that water reuse is a successful water supply option in the future. This paper follows a series of surveys, expert workshops and scenario studies that were conducted, with the goal of refining a list of factors and issues that affect water reuse down to a few key items. From this process, the following aspects were concluded to be most important to focus on because they have the most impact, and thus will affect the future of water reuse the most: expanding the perceived role of water reuse; taking action to improve public acceptance; creating a supportive regulatory and legal environment; integrating resource management; expanding economic analysis; considering energy, climate and sustainability issues; creating water reuse institutions and associations; and, encouraging technology advancement and innovation. Discussions of these issues, along with suggestions for further research and innovation are included.

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