The objective of this work was to verify the sorption properties of granular filter materials (GEH, Bayoxide E33, CFH12) during the process of removing antimony from water. Pilot tests showed that the use of iron-based sorption materials could possibly decrease the antimony content in water to the values limited for drinking water. At an average concentration of antimony in raw water of 58.3 μg/L and the empty bed contact time 6.0 for GEH, 6.4 for Bayoxide E33 and 6.3 for CFH12, the value of bed volume 1,700 for GEH, 715 for Bayoxide E33 and 790 for CFH12 achieved at breakthrough concentration 5 μg Sb/L was determined. Considering the values of bed volume GEH was the most suitable adsorbent for the removal of antimony from water.

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