This article presents the results of studies on organic and non-organic substrate removal by the ion-exchange process using a Miex-DOC resin in surface and infiltration waters for human consumption. Studies have shown that receptivity to ion-exchange decreases as follows: nitrates > phosphate > biodegradable dissolved organic carbon. After the ion-exchange process, the limiting factors in regrowth of micro-organisms in the majority of water samples were found to be the concentrations of all analyzed substrates. A dose of 20 mL/L of resin with a contact time of 30 minutes was found to be sufficient for substrate elimination, regardless of water type. Increasing the resin dosage did not significantly improve substrate removal effectiveness. The ion-exchange process using the Miex-DOC resin allows for an effective elimination of organic and inorganic substrates from water. However, achieving biostability of such water is only possible in cases of limited organic carbon contamination of water.

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