Cross-border water resources and drinking water supply management are among the basic concerns for almost all Adriatic Sea countries. Adopting measures such as developing common methodologies, tools and techniques addressing water quality and quantity issues, water losses and pricing policies is a top priority. Regarding the harmonization of procedures and legislative framework, the requirements of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60 are respected. An approach to face these challenges is being developed through the cooperation of several organizations and stakeholders involved in the implementation of the DRINKADRIA project. This paper discusses its specific objectives and outputs linked to: (a) promotion of sustainable provision of drinking water, by setting joint cross-border recommendations on drinking water resources management; (b) undertaking of methods and technologies, through the implementation of pilot actions; and (c) stimulating capacity building, through the exchange of know-how and the development of a regional network of water supply experts. A set of standardized protocols on the applicable management of water supply systems and resources in the Adriatic area is being developed and tested by the beneficiaries involved. The relevant pilot actions aim at improving water supply and water resources management. Eventually, DRINKADRIA's measurable results will support decision makers in the adaptation of effective and efficient measures and policies.

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