The purpose of this study is to examine the use of hydraulic microturbines to make the most of the hydraulic energy available in pressurized water distribution systems. The study was carried out on suitable points of pressurized hydraulic networks, which are managed by Giahsa, a public enterprise responsible for the management of the municipal communities of services (MAS) in the province of Huelva, southwestern Spain. The distribution system situated between the Cabeza del Pasto reservoir in the Andévalo area (Huelva, Spain) and the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the municipality of Puebla de Guzmán (Huelva, Spain) was examined. To obtain the exact amount of energy which reaches the microturbine, the energy conservation equation considering the loss of energy from friction was used. The results show different locations where it is possible to carry out the installation of a Francis turbine, which can generate an annual energy of approximately 280 MWh per year at the selected point, with an approximate investment cost of €20,000 per year, which means a recovery period of this investment of 2 years.

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