Nanotechnologies have prominent applications in the field of science and technology owing to their size-tunable properties providing a promising approach for degradation of various pollutants. In this scenario, the present work aims to study the effect of nickel ferrite nanoparticles on the degradation of Irgalite violet dye by Fenton's reaction using oxalic acid as an oxidizing agent in the presence of sunlight. The effect of pH and adsorbent dosage on the rate of dye degradation was monitored. Based on these studies it was observed that 99% dye degradation was achieved for catalyst dosage of 0.2 g, 400 ppm dye concentration and 2.0 mM oxalic acid at pH 3.0 within 60 min. The studies reveal that the degradation follows pseudo-first-order kinetics and the catalyst reusability remained constant almost for five cycles. Further, nickel ferrite nanoparticles are proven to be an efficient alternative for the removal of dyes from coloured solutions.

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