This study employs the Epanet software simulation model to comprehensively model the water distribution system in the burgeoning city of Guelma. The modelling endeavours encompass hydraulic dynamics and water quality assessments. Various hydraulic scenarios, including pressure variations due to aging pipes, were simulated. Assuming a 50% leakage rate, the model highlighted pressure deficiencies at certain network junctures. Moreover, it elucidated that older pipes, characterised by higher roughness coefficients denoted by lower ‘CHW’ values, exacerbate head loss, thus diminishing water pressure. Notably, the study underscores that increasing pipe roughness with age precipitates markedly low-pressure zones, particularly evident during peak demand periods. Consequently, pressure deficits in specific network segments are implicated in the degradation of water quality.

  • Epanet software simulation model.

  • Hydraulic dynamics and water quality assessments.

  • Simulated hydraulic scenarios.

  • Pressure deficiencies and aging pipes.

  • Impact on water quality.

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