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Editorial December 10 2019
Sustainable eco-technologies for water and wastewater treatment
Research Article December 6 2019
Sensitivity analysis of the DEM resolution and effective parameters of runoff yield in the SWAT model: a case study
Research Article December 2 2019
Technogenic metallic elements in biomass and their effects on biomass product properties
Research Article December 2 2019
Real time controlled sustainable urban drainage systems in dense urban areas
Research Article December 2 2019
Design and operation of submerged layer in bioretention for enhanced nitrate removal
Research Article December 2 2019
Experimental study on filter media using locally available materials in bioretention
Research Article November 29 2019
Nitrogen removal performance of microbial fuel cell enhanced bioretention system
Research Article November 29 2019
Economic and environmental impact analysis of ammoniacal nitrogen removal from landfill leachate using sequencing batch reactor: a case study from Czech Republic
Research Article November 28 2019
Remediation of groundwater contamination from an old, non-functional landfill in Hořkovec open cast mine, Czech Republic
Research Article November 25 2019
Modelling of nitrogen concentrations in water from drained peat soils
Research Article November 25 2019
Phytoremediation of nitrate contaminated water using ornamental plants
Research Article November 19 2019
An experimental analysis on accuracy of customer water meters under various flow rates and water pressures
Research Article November 19 2019
Possible health impacts due to animal and human fecal pollution in water intended for drinking water supply of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Research Article November 14 2019
Comparison and optimization of the performance of natural-based non-conventional coagulants in a water treatment plant
Research Article November 13 2019
Decolorization of Reactive Blue 220 aqueous solution using fungal synthesized Co3O4 nanoparticles
Research Article November 13 2019
Assessment of drinking water quality in regional New South Wales, Australia
Research Article November 12 2019
Hydrogeochemical appraisal of groundwater quality and health risk in a near-suburb area of North China
Research Article October 31 2019
EPANET in QGIS framework: the QEPANET plugin
Research Article October 30 2019
Removal of low-concentration phosphorus by efficient phosphorus removal composite-based ecological floating beds
Research Article October 23 2019
Anthropogenic markers for source tracking of fecal contamination in Bayou Lafourche: a major drinking water source in Southeast Louisiana, USA
Research Article October 23 2019
Dynamic flood wave routing in prismatic channels with hydraulic and hydrologic methods
Research Article October 21 2019
Evaluation of water shortage crisis in the Middle East and possible remedies
Research Article October 17 2019
Optimization method for joint operation of a double-reservoir-and-double-pumping-station system: a case study of Nanjing, China
Research Article October 3 2019
An analysis of the effects of pressure-assisted osmotic backwashing on the high recovery reverse osmosis system
Research Article October 1 2019
Determination of the corresponding roughness height in a WDS model containing old rough pipes
Research Article September 19 2019
Removal of cyanotoxins in drinking water using ozone and ozone-hydrogen peroxide (peroxone)
Research Article September 4 2019
Stress response and toxicity studies on zebrafish exposed to endosulfan and imidacloprid present in water
Research Article September 3 2019
Endogenous respiration process analysis between aMBR and UV/O3-aMBR for polluted surface water treatment
Research Article July 30 2019
Bacterial community analysis of sulfate-reducing granular sludge exposed to high concentrations of uranium
Research Article July 15 2019
Photocatalytic degradation of Irgalite violet dye using nickel ferrite nanoparticles
Research Article June 21 2019
Exploring the performances of the dual technique-based water hammer redesign strategy in water supply systems
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