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Research Article November 27 2020
ANN Modeling and experimental study of the effect of various factors on solar desalination
Research Article November 25 2020
Performance of a granular activated carbon biologically active filter (GAC-BAF) for removing microcystin-LR (MC-LR) from eutrophic water
Research Article November 25 2020
Design and evaluation of zero-energy UVC-LED reactor fitted with hand pump system for disinfection
Research Article November 24 2020
Key sur(VIR)val factors in water supply companies: some lessons from Poland
Research Article November 24 2020
Urban water supply automation – today and tomorrow
Research Article November 19 2020
On the transient flow behavior in pressurized plastic pipe-based water supply systems
Correction November 17 2020
Corrigendum: Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-Aqua (2020) 69 (6): 538–554: Study on the organization of water-conservation activities and guiding strategies for urban communities based on public participation in China, Binxia Xue’ Tongyu Li, Xiaohe Hou, Jiayi Guo, doi: 10.2166/aqua.2020.126
Research Article November 13 2020
Automation and real-time control of urban wastewater systems: a review of the move towards sustainability
Research Article November 10 2020
Formula for determining the size of the air tank in the long-distance water supply system
Research Article November 6 2020
A facile method to fabricate AC/CuO for efficient removal of organic pollutants by adsorption and persulfate-based advanced oxidation processes
Research Article November 3 2020
Stormwater harvesting infrastructure systems design for urban park irrigation: Brimbank Park, Melbourne case study
Research Article November 2 2020
Development of water basin pollution emission inventory: a preliminary literature review and Its implication for China
Research Article October 23 2020
The effectiveness of household water treatment and safe storage in improving drinking water quality: A disinfection by-product (DBP) perspective
Research Article October 23 2020
Impact of problem formulations, pipe selection methods, and optimization algorithms on the rehabilitation of water distribution systems
Research Article October 22 2020
State-of-the-art review on the transient flow modeling and utilization for urban water supply system (UWSS) management
Research Article October 17 2020
People and water: understanding integrated systems needs integrated approaches
Editorial June 26 2020
What have we learned during the COVID-19 crisis?
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