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Research Article March 25 2020
Daily flow forecasting of perennial rivers in an arid watershed: a hybrid ensemble decomposition approach integrated with computational intelligence techniques
Research Article March 4 2020
Report cards for aging and maintenance assessment of water-supply infrastructure
Research Article February 27 2020
Study of groundwater contamination and drinking suitability in basaltic terrain of Maharashtra, India through PIG and multivariate statistical techniques
Research Article February 18 2020
Numerical study of magnetic particles mixing in waste water under an external magnetic field
Research Article February 17 2020
An investigation on using MDCs for an efficient desalination process as pretreatment of reverse osmosis
Research Article February 17 2020
Application of electrochemical treatment for the removal of triazine dye using aluminium electrodes
Research Article December 2 2019
Real time controlled sustainable urban drainage systems in dense urban areas
Research Article November 25 2019
Modelling of nitrogen concentrations in water from drained peat soils
Research Article October 23 2019
Dynamic flood wave routing in prismatic channels with hydraulic and hydrologic methods
Research Article October 3 2019
An analysis of the effects of pressure-assisted osmotic backwashing on the high recovery reverse osmosis system
Research Article October 1 2019
Determination of the corresponding roughness height in a WDS model containing old rough pipes
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