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Research Article September 10 2020
Evaluation of environmental indicators of RO seawater desalination: case study coastal strip of Hormozgan province, Iran
Correction September 7 2020
Erratum to Annus I., Vassiljev A., Kändler N. & Kaur K. 2020 Determination of the corresponding roughness height in a WDS model containing old rough pipes. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology—AQUA, 1–9. doi: 10.2166/aqua.2019.080
Research Article September 2 2020
Hydrochemistry and multivariate statistical analysis of the quality of water from Lake Bosomtwe for agricultural and human consumption
Research Article August 28 2020
Numerical investigation of the impact of irregular pipe wall build-up on velocity in the water distribution system
Editorial August 28 2020
Editorial: AQUA utility research battle: bridging utilities and academia
Research Article August 27 2020
Household's willingness to pay for quality of drinking water in Jaffna area of Sri Lanka
Research Article August 27 2020
On the importance of mixing characterization and application in the water treatment process
Research Article August 24 2020
Sustainability indices and risk analysis of drinking water systems in Southwest Nigeria
Research Article August 4 2020
NOM removal and residual Al minimization by enhanced coagulation: roles of sequence dosing with PACl–FeCl3
Research Article July 23 2020
Study on the organization of water-conservation activities and guiding strategies for urban communities based on public participation in China
Research Article July 21 2020
Optimization of backwash parameters for hollow fiber membrane filters used for water purification
Research Article July 16 2020
An integer linear programming model to optimize the hub and spoke-based water desalinated transmission system
Research Article July 6 2020
Comparative analysis of air scouring and unidirectional flushing of water distribution systems
Editorial June 26 2020
What have we learned during the COVID-19 crisis?
Research Article March 25 2020
Daily flow forecasting of perennial rivers in an arid watershed: a hybrid ensemble decomposition approach integrated with computational intelligence techniques
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