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Editorial March 4 2021
Editorial: Important news about this journal
Research Article March 4 2021
Numerical study on the transient behavior of a radial pump during starting time
Research Article March 4 2021
Membranes with a dual structure constituted of titania, zirconia, and both as thin-film selective layers coating the polyacrylonitrile platform
Research Article March 3 2021
A study of the water supply system failure in terms of the seasonality: analysis by statistical approaches
Research Article February 25 2021
Assessing the impact of working pressure on water meter registration
Research Article February 25 2021
Hydro-biological characterization and efficiency of natural waste stabilization ponds in a desert climate (city of Assa, Southern Morocco)
Research Article February 24 2021
Assessment of groundwater potential zone using GIS-based multi-influencing factor (MIF), multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and electrical resistivity survey techniques in Raipur city, Chhattisgarh, India
Research Article February 10 2021
Urban water demand for manufacturing, construction and service industries: a microdata analysis
Research Article February 9 2021
Trophic status, phytoplankton diversity, and water quality at Kafr El-Shinawy drinking-water treatment plant, Damietta
Research Article February 8 2021
A review of conjunctive GW-SW management by simulation–optimization tools
Research Article February 8 2021
Reclaimed wastewater as an ally to global freshwater sources: a PESTEL evaluation of the barriers
Research Article January 28 2021
Assessment of rainwater harvesting and maintenance practice for better drinking water quality in rural areas
Research Article January 27 2021
A review on biodesalination using halophytic microalgae: opportunities and challenges
Research Article January 27 2021
Consumers' purchasing intentions for efficient water-saving products: the mediating effects of altruistic and egoistic values
Research Article January 27 2021
The future of water and sanitation: global challenges and the need for greater ambition
Research Article January 22 2021
A study on the effectiveness of percolation ponds as a stormwater harvesting alternative for a semi-urban catchment
Research Article January 4 2021
Evaluation of domestic water measurement error: a case study
Research Article December 28 2020
Environmental sustainability: a review of the water–energy–food nexus
Research Article December 28 2020
Envisioning a sustainable future for water
Research Article December 9 2020
How close simple EAs’ optimal solutions can approach global optima: experience from water distribution system design problems
Research Article December 2 2020
Comparative assessment of the inline and branching design strategies based on the compound technique
Research Article November 24 2020
Urban water supply automation – today and tomorrow
Editorial June 26 2020
What have we learned during the COVID-19 crisis?
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