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Research Article July 8 2020
Drinking water treatment and chemical well clogging by iron(II) oxidation and hydrous ferric oxides (HFO's) precipitation
Research Article July 8 2020
The nature and kinetics of 2,4-dimethylphenol adsorption in aqueous solution on biochar derived from Sargassum boveanum macroalgae
Research Article July 6 2020
Analysis of the changes and driving force of the water area in the Ulungur Lake over the past 40 years
Research Article July 6 2020
Comparative analysis of air scouring and unidirectional flushing of water distribution systems
Editorial June 26 2020
What have we learned during the COVID-19 crisis?
Research Article June 19 2020
Application of acoustic intelligent leak detection in an urban water supply pipe network
Research Article May 14 2020
Fate and fractionation of aluminum in a full-scale Al-based drinking water treatment plant
Research Article May 11 2020
Water quality index analysis for portable and bottled waters
Research Article April 9 2020
Modeling total microcystin production by Microcystis aeruginosa using multiple regression
Research Article March 25 2020
Daily flow forecasting of perennial rivers in an arid watershed: a hybrid ensemble decomposition approach integrated with computational intelligence techniques
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