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Aims & Scope

We are beginning a new chapter of the journal’s life and with that comes the need to reaffirm our aims for this journal.

The world is facing a tremendous challenge moving into the Age of Sustainability. This has implications for all aspects of water, society and life. AQUA - Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society publishes Open Access peer-reviewed scientific and technical papers suggesting new solutions to providing sustainable water supply. The journal covers research and development in both water technology and management. New opportunities are explored in the area of water supply such as reclaimed water supply, grey water supply, rainwater harvesting etc.



The journal aims to support water utilities and municipalities transition seamlessly from today to the sustainable water supply of the future. The transition includes exchanging old systems intelligently based on systematic asset management, preparing the new system for the effects of climate change and ensuring a human water supply without compromising ecosystems. To succeed requires an intelligent integration between society and nature looking at land and related resources as well. It requires co-creation processes with all relevant stakeholders including so far underrepresented stakeholders such as women and minorities to ensure social welfare.




The journal's scope includes:

Water sustainability

  • Integrated management of water resources (IWRM)
  • Water stewardship
  • Drivers and barriers for water sustainability
  • Designs for seamless interaction between utility and nature
  • Water and nature preservation and -restoration
  • Applied methods to characterize water quality


Water infrastructure

  • Resilient/ Sustainable water infrastructure
  • Integrating the hydrological cycle in design and operation
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Water infrastructure design and planning
  • Ecological water designs
  • Asset management


Water technologies

  • Advanced water treatment technologies and processes
  • Reclamation and desalination
  • Water treatment processes, residuals treatment and management
  • Environmentally friendly technologies, circular economy and water re-use
  • Modelling of source waters, treatment and distribution systems
  • Control and automation
  • Monitoring of ecosystem health
  • Industry 4.0/Utility 4.0


Water management and governance

  • Water system management and policy: Legislation, economics, public relations, crisis management
  • Water-energy-ecosystem nexus
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Facilitation of collaborative processes with stakeholders
  • The social impacts of water systems
  • Partnerships for good water governance




AQUA - Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society is published monthly.

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