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Current Issue
Volume 1,
Issue 1,
January 1, 2019

Publish for free until 2021

The APC for Blue-Green Systems is waved until 2021. Find out more about Research4Life wavers on all the IWA Publishing journals.

New to Open Access?

Check out our short (30 minute) crash-course webinar on the essentials you should know about Open Access (OA) including OA types, licenses and procedures.

Special Issue in association with Novatech 2019

Blue-Green Systems is pleased to announce a Special Issue in association with the Novatech 2019 conference in Lyon.

Publish Your Paper Open Access

Publish your paper Open Access

Did you know? We offer authors a number of options to publish their paper Open Access (OA), including in three fully OA journals.

Open Access Options

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