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Acknowledgement to Reviewers

The high scientific standards maintained by Blue-Green Systems, in their papers owe much to the continuing dedication of the journals’ reviewers, who give freely of their time and expertise. IWA Publishing is pleased to pay tribute to this contribution by recognizing those who have participated in the review process. Thus, the Editor in Chiefs, Editors and Associate Editors acknowledge with particular gratitude the following reviewers who have reviewed papers during the period January 2022-December 2022.

Ahmed El-Shafei

Baiqian Shi

Belinda Hatt

Borislava Blagojevic

Charles Bong

Christopher Scott

Dale Brown

Gang Liu

Genevieve Pelletier

Hafiz Muhammad Abd-Ur-Rehman

Harsha Fowdar

Jan Kazak

Jiajie He

João Leitão

Joerg Schaffner

Jordi Cros Herrero

Kefeng Zhang

Lauren Cook

Maria Adriana Cardoso

Mariana Marchioni

Marina De Macedo

Marta Siviero Guilherme Pires

Martijn Kuller

Patiya Kemacheevakul

Peter Bach

Songkeart Phattarapattamawong

Tao Li

Tone Merete Muthana

Vahid Alimohamadi

Veljko Prodanovic

Virginia Stovin

Wei Xu

Wenhui Wu

Xianhua Yao

Xiaojun Zuo

Yajun Wang

Yannick Back

Zhaozhi Zheng



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