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Water Demand Management

David Butler
David Butler
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Fayyaz Memon
Fayyaz Memon
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IWA Publishing
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May 2006

A common characteristic of water demand in urban areas worldwide is its inexorable rise over many years; continued growth is projected over coming decades. The chief influencing factors are population growth and migration, together with changes in lifestyle, demographic structure and the possible effects of climate change (the detailed implications of climate change are not yet clear, and anyway will depend on global location, but must at least increase the uncertainty in security of supply). This is compounded by rapid development, creeping urbanization and, in some places, rising standards of living.

Meeting this increasing demand from existing resources is self-evidently an uphill struggle, particularly in water stressed/scarce regions in the developed and developing world alike. There are typically two potential responses: either ‘supply-side’ (meeting demand with new resources) or ‘demand-side’ (managing consumptive demand itself to postpone or avoid the need to develop new resources). There is considerable pressure from the general public, regulatory agencies, and some governments to minimise the impacts of new supply projects (e.g. building new reservoirs or inter-regional transfer schemes), implying the emphasis should be shifted towards managing water demand by best utilising the water that is already available.

Water Demand Management has been prepared by the academic, government and industry network WATERSAVE. The concept of the book is to assemble a comprehensive picture of demand management topics ranging from technical to social and legal aspects, through expert critical literature reviews. The depth and breadth of coverage is a unique contribution to the field and the book will be an invaluable information source for practitioners and researchers, including water utility engineers/planners, environmental regulators, equipment and service providers, and postgraduates.


  • Water consumption trends and demand forecasting techniques

  • The technology, design and utility of rainwater catchment systems

  • Understanding greywater treatment

  • Water conservation products

  • Water conservation and sewerage systems

  • An introduction to life cycle and rebound effects in water systems

  • Developing a strategy for managing losses in water distribution networks

  • Demand management in developing countries

  • Drivers and barriers for water conservation and reuse in the UK

  • The economics of water demand management

  • Legislation and regulation mandating and influencing the efficient use of water in England and Wales

  • Consumer reactions to water conservation policy instruments

  • Decision support tools for water demand management

This title belongs to Water Research Foundation Report Series

ISBN: 9781843390787 (Print)

ISBN: 9781780402550 (eBook)

Water Demand Management
By: David Butler, Fayyaz Memon
ISBN (electronic): 9781780402550
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2006

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