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The Agronomic and Environmental of Biosolids-P (Phase II)

George O'Connor
George O'Connor
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IWA Publishing
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January 2007

Concerns about water quality degradation resulting from land application of manures and biosolids have elicited a wide array of national and state regulations. The regulations focus on P as the limiting nutrient to eutrophication of most freshwater supplies and threaten to severely impact biosolids recycling.

Critical data about biosolids-P phytoavailability and runoff potential, especially field data, needed to validate the regulations are scarce.

The goal of this research was to supply such data. Conventionally treated biosolids exhibit both less agronomic and environmental P lability than manures and fertilizers.

Biosolids processed for biological P removal (BPR), however, mimic fertilizer-P and require special management to reduce environmental impact, such as co-application with water treatment residuals (WTR).

This title belongs to WERF Research Report Series

ISBN: 9781843397823 (Print)

ISBN: 9781780403908 (eBook)

The Agronomic and Environmental of Biosolids-P (Phase II)
By: George O'Connor
ISBN (electronic): 9781780403908
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2007

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