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Inspection Guidelines for Ferrous Force Mains

James C. Thomson
James C. Thomson
Jason Consultants LLC, Inc., 1875 I Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20006, Phone: (202) 223-9610, Fax: (202) 429-9574, Email:
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Robert S. Morrison
Robert S. Morrison
Jason Consultant Group, LLC, 2000 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington D.C. 20036, Phone: (202) 223-9610, Fax: (202) 478-1614, Email:
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IWA Publishing
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March 2008

The objectives are:

  • To develop a rational and practical set of inspection guidelines, i.e., best management practices, for ferrous force mains which can be implemented by wastewater utilities in their condition assessment programs.

  • To undertake a trial program with the researchers utility group to prove the guidelines are effective and practical.

The researchers aim is to provide operators of force mains in the wastewater industry with a workable set of guidelines which will allow them to undertake effective condition assessment of their ferrous mains using practical and economic investigation approaches. A soundly based condition assessment will enable an owner to make decisions on priorities for investigation, replacement and rehabilitation programs.

This title belongs to WERF Research Report Series

ISBN: 9781843397984 (eBook)

Inspection Guidelines for Ferrous Force Mains
By: James C. Thomson, Robert S. Morrison
ISBN (electronic): 9781843397984
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2008

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