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Water Communication - Analysis of Strategies and Campaigns from the Water Sector

Celine Herve-Bazin
Celine Herve-Bazin
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IWA Publishing
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April 2014

Water Communication aims at setting a first general outlook at what communication on water means, who communicates and on what topics. Through different examples and based on different research and contributions, this book presents an original first overview of “water communication”. It sets its academic value as one distinct scientific domain and provides tips and practical tools to professionals. The book contributes to avoid mixing messages, targets and discourses when setting communication related to water issues.

The book facilitates coordination within the water sector and its organizations as water is a wide field of applications where inadequate words and language understanding between its stakeholders is one of the main obstacles today.

Water Communication provides and describes:

  • a general outlook and retrospective of the history of the water sector in terms of communication

  • the landscape of organizations communicating on water and classification of topics

  • the differences between communication, information, mediation, raising awareness

  • examples of communication campaigns on water

Water Communication is a vital resource for communication managers, utility managers, policy makers involved in water management and students in water sciences and environment.

ISBN: 9781780405223 (eBook)

ISBN: 9781780405216 (Print)

Water Communication - Analysis of Strategies and Campaigns from the Water Sector
By: Celine Herve-Bazin
ISBN (electronic): 9781780405223
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2014

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