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Impacts of Shallow Geothermal Energy on Groundwater Quality

Matthijs Bonte
Matthijs Bonte
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IWA Publishing
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December 2014

The use of shallow geothermal energy (SGE) systems including aquifer thermal energy (ATES) systems and ground source heat pump to acclimatize buildings has increased exponentially in the Netherlands and worldwide. In certain areas, SGE systems are constructed in aquifers also used for drinking water supply raising the question of potential groundwater quality impact.

Impacts of Shallow Geothermal Energy on Groundwater Quality provides a hydrochemical and geomicrobial overview of the effects of ground source heat pumps and aquifer thermal energy storage. The area is investigated with field and laboratory experiments, and reactive transport models, showing that shallow geothermal energy systems can influence groundwater quality in a number of ways. Most prominent in ATES systems operating at low temperature (<20°C) is the physical mixing of deep and shallow groundwater of different quality distorting the natural water quality stratification in aquifers. At temperature of 25°C and beyond certain trace elements were observed to mobilize in laboratory experiments, and beyond 40°C redox conditions change significantly while the microbial community shift towards a thermophilic community. Based on the results of this research, guidelines are presented for monitoring and permitting of SGE systems.

The book is a useful resource for regulators, water companies and installers of the SGE systems.

This title belongs to KWR Watercycle Research Institute Series.

ISBN: 9781780406824 (eBook)

ISBN: 9781780406817 (Print)

Impacts of Shallow Geothermal Energy on Groundwater Quality
By: Matthijs Bonte
ISBN (electronic): 9781780406824
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2014

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