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Wastewater sludge: a global overview of the current status and future prospects 2nd Edition

Ludovico Spinosa
Ludovico Spinosa
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IWA Publishing
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April 2011

Following a successful first edition published in 2007, the follow-up 2011 edition of Wastewater Sludge - A Global Overview of the Current Status and Future Prospects will present an updated and expanded perspective on developments in relation to wastewater sludge around the world.

Sludge arising from wastewater treatment represents a serious environmental issue, requiring technological and management solutions to ensure it is processed in a safe and economically efficient manner. Extension of sewers, the construction of new wastewater treatment facilities and the upgrading of existing wastewater plants means the amount of sludge to be handled continues to increase. Alongside this, aspects relating to energy consumption and sustainable operation need to be considered. Within this general picture, sludge is generated in different technical, economic and social contexts around the world, demanding that different approaches need to be taken.

The 2011 edition of this report provides a strategic overview of the wastewater sludge market around the world, based on regional and country contributions. These look at the current situation in terms of sludge generation, legislation, technology applied and management management approaches. These will then look at anticipated developments over the short / medium term, including expected developments in terms of legislation and the technology and management solutions to be implemented. These will be complemented by longer term perspectives also.

The report has been prepared for the Market Briefing Series of the International Water Association's magazine Water21, with input from IWA's network of wastewater sludge experts around the world.

This title belongs to Water21 Market Briefing Series.

Contributions in the 2011 edition are due to include Western Europe, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Eastern Europe, Turkey, USA, Canada, Latin America / Caribbean, Colombia, Brazil, East Asia, Korea, Malaysia, South Asia, China, Africa, and Australasia

ISBN: 9781843393887 (Print)

ISBN: 9781780401195 (eBook)

Wastewater sludge: a global overview of the current status and future prospects 2nd Edition
By: Ludovico Spinosa
ISBN (electronic): 9781780401195
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2011

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