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Internal Corrosion Control of Water Supply Systems: Code of Practice

Colin Hayes
Colin Hayes
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IWA Publishing
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August 2012

This Code of Practice is concerned with metal pick-up by drinking water within the water supply chain, particularly from water mains and from domestic and institutional pipe-work systems. The principal metals of interest are copper, iron, and lead, and to a lesser extent nickel and zinc. The emphasis is on cold drinking water at its point of use by consumers. Metals arising from water sources and hot water systems are not considered.

The intention is that this Code of Practice establishes an international standard for the control of internal corrosion of water supply systems. It provides a basis for identifying both problems and sustainable solutions in a manner which is sound scientifically and will help operators to achieve due diligence. It provides a template for improving internal corrosion control in countries, cities or towns where this has been neglected or poorly implemented.

Internal Corrosion Control of Water Supply Systems is deliberately brief in its presentation of a wide array of complex information, in order to provide direction to practitioners that can be more easily related to their specific circumstances.

The book also provides a series of check-lists and criteria to be used in risk assessment.

This title belongs to Best Practice Guides on Metals and Related Substances in Drinking Water.

ISBN: 9781780404547 (Print)

ISBN: 9781780404554 (eBook)

Internal Corrosion Control of Water Supply Systems: Code of Practice
By: Colin Hayes
ISBN (electronic): 9781780404554
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2012

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