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Basic Principles of Wastewater Treatment

Marcos Von Sperling
Marcos Von Sperling
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IWA Publishing
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July 2007

Basic Principles of Wastewater Treatment is the second volume in the series Biological Wastewater Treatment, and focusses on the unit operations and processes associated with biological wastewater treatment. The major topics covered are:

  • microbiology and ecology of wastewater treatment

  • reaction kinetics and reactor hydraulics

  • conversion of organic and inorganic matter

  • sedimentation

  • aeration

The theory presented in this volume forms the basis upon which the other books of the series are built.

This title belongs to Biological Wastewater Treatment Series

ISBN: 9781843391623 (Print)

ISBN: 9781780402093 (eBook)

Basic Principles of Wastewater Treatment
By: Marcos Von Sperling
ISBN (electronic): 9781780402093
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Published: 2007

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