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  1. Water-Wise Cities and Sustainable Water Systems: Concepts, Technologies, and Applications
  2. Water Resource Recovery Modelling
  3. Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Technologies: Concepts and Implementation Strategies
  4. Plans de gestion de la sécurité sanitaire de l'eau résilients au climat : Gestion des risques de santé liés à la variabilité et au changement climatiques
  5. A Guide to Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Environmental Management: It Ain't Magic: Everything Goes Somewhere
  6. Sustainable Industrial Water Use: Perspectives, Incentives, and Tools
  7. Guidance on Preparing Water Service Delivery Plans: A manual for small to medium-sized water utilities in Africa and similar settings
  8. Alluvial Aquifer Processes
  9. Tecnología de humedales para tratamiento: Información práctica para el diseño y aplicación de humedales para tratamiento
  10. Humedales para Tratamiento
  11. Improving Water Supply Networks: Fit for Purpose Strategies and Technologies
  12. Indicadores de Desempeño para Servicios de Saneamiento
  13. Effectiveness of Disinfecting Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharges: Case of chemical disinfection using performic acid
  14. Methods for Faecal Sludge Analysis
  15. Treatment and Valorisation of Saline Wastewater: Principles and Practice
  16. Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination: Assessment and Pre-treatment of Fouling and Scaling
  17. Microbial Desalination Cells for Low Energy Drinking Water
  18. The Cultural Dynamics in Water Management from Ancient History to the Present Age
  19. Preparing Scheduled Desludging
  20. आर्द्रभूमि तकनीक: उपचार आर्द्रभूमि के डिजाइन और अनुप्रयोग पर व्यावहाररक जानकारी
  21. उपचार आर्द्रभूमियााँ
  22. Definiciones Estándar de Pérdidas de Agua
  23. Bioanalytical Tools in Water Quality Assessment
  24. Water Resources: Future Perspectives, Challenges, Concepts and Necessities
  25. Nature-Based Solutions for Wastewater Treatment: A Series of Factsheets and Case Studies
  26. Metrology in Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management: Plug and Pray
  27. Environmental Technologies to Treat Selenium Pollution: Principles and Engineering
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