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  1. Research Digest: Field Validation of Biokinetic Coefficients for Predicting Degradation of Organic Compounds
  2. Physical Effects of Wet Weather Flows on Aquatic Habitats: Present Knowledge and Research Needs
  3. Navigating the TMDL Process: Method Development for Addressing Narrative Criteria
  4. Wet Weather Demonstration Project: Columbus, Georgia, USA
  5. Prefiltration/Clarification via Dynamic Particle Separation
  6. Reducing Peak RDII Flow Rates: Case Studies and Protocols
  7. Evaluating Endocrine Distuption in Receiving Waters: Screening for Biomarkers
  8. Development of a Water Quality Model to Support a Pathogen TMDL (Newport Bay, California, USA)
  9. Research Priorities for Successful Asset Management: A Workshop
  10. Best Practices for the Treatment of Wet Weather Wastewater Flows
  11. Effluent Limits for Fluctuating Discharges: Phase II - Alternate Frameworks for Water Quality Criteria
  12. Overcoming Molecular Sample Processing Limitations: (a) New Platform Technologies, (b) RNA and DNA Extraction Strategies, and (c) Fiber-Optic Biosensors
  13. Evaluating Risks and Benefits of Soil Amendments Used in Agriculture
  14. Evaluation of the Doodlebug: A Biochip for Detecting Waterborne Pathogens
  15. Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing: Study Plan for Field Validation
  16. Navigating the TMDL Process: Listing and Delisting
  17. A Dynamic Model to Assess Microbial Health Risks Associated with Beneficial Uses of Biosolids – Phase 1
  18. A Novel Membrane Process for Autotrophic Denitrification
  19. Water Reuse: Understanding Public Perception and Participation
  20. Protocols to Assess the Breakdown of Flushable Consumer Products
  21. Impact of Surface Storage on Reclaimed Water: Seasonal and Long Term
  22. Effective Redundancy Design Practices
  23. Developing Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Mercury: A Probabilistic Site-Specific Approach
  24. Sources and Variability of Cryptosporidium in the Milwaukee River Watershed
  25. Navigating the TMDL Process: Evaluation and Improvements
  26. Cyanide Formation and Fate in Complex Effluents and its Relation to Water Quality Criteria
  27. Ultrasonic Destruction of Surfactants: Application to Industrial Wastewaters
  28. Enhancing Biodegradability of Refractory Aromatics in Wastewater: Pretreatment with Elemental Iron
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