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  1. Canine Scent and Microbial Source Tracking in Santa Barbara, California
  2. Guidance Manual for Separation of Graywater from Blackwater for Graywater Reuse
  3. WEF/WERF Study Quantifying Nutrient Removal Technology Performance
  4. Development of Design Criteria for Denitrifying Treatment Wetlands
  5. Validation of Rapid Methods for Enumeration of Markers for Human Sewage Contamination in Recreational Waters
  6. Wastewater sludge: a global overview of the current status and future prospects 2nd Edition
  7. A Strategic Risk Communications Process for Outreach and Dialogue on Biosolids Land Application
  8. Concentration Dynamics of Fecal Indicators in Hawaii's Coastal and Inland Sand, Soil, and Water During Rainfall Events
  9. Phosphorus Removal Potential Using Biogenic Iron Oxides
  10. Bioanalytical Tools in Water Quality Assessment
  11. Cause and Prevention of Clogging of Wells Abstracting Groundwater from Unconsolidated Aquifers
  12. Computational Fluid Dynamics in Drinking-Water Treatment
  13. Diagnostic Tools to Evaluate Impacts of Trace Organic Compounds Final Report
  14. Optimizing Biotreatment: Integrated Process Models and Control Strategies
  15. Improving the Efficacy of Wastewater-Polishing Reed Beds
  16. Quantification of Pathogens and Sources of Microbial Indicators for QMRA in Recreational Waters
  17. Nitrogen Removal and Sustainability of Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands for Small Scale Wastewater Treatment: Recommendations for Improvement
  18. Comparative Evaluation of Molecular and Culture Methods for Fecal Indicator Bacteria for Use in Inland Recreational Waters
  19. Measuring Water Ingestion Among Water Recreators
  20. Handbook on Particle Separation Processes
  21. Innovative and Integrated Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater (INNOWATECH)
  22. Reduction, Modification and Valorisation of Sludge (REMOVALS)
  23. Drinking Water Quality Management from Catchment to Consumer A practical guide for utilities based on Water Safety Plans
  24. Biological Phosphorus Removal Activated Sludge Process in Warm Climates
  25. Mass Flow and Energy Efficiency of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
  26. Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Processes History and Development
  27. Water Sensitive Cities
  28. Biofouling of spiral wound membrane systems
  29. Conducting Effective Community Outreach and Dialogue on Biosolids Land Application: Primer for Biosolids Professionals
  30. Striking the Balance Between Nutrient Removal in Wastewater Treatment and Sustainability
  31. Performance Dynamics of Trace Organic Chemicals in Onsite Treatment Units and Systems
  32. Quantitative Tools to Determine the Expected Performance of Wastewater Soil Treatment Units Guidance Manual, Toolkit User's Guide and Visual-Graphic Tools
  33. Linking Receiving Water Impacts to Sources and to Water Quality Management Decisions: Using Nutrients as an Initial Case Study
  34. Stochastic Water Demand Modelling: Hydraulics in Water Distribution Networks
  35. Benchmarking Water Services: Guiding water utilities to excellence
  36. Membrane-Based Desalination: An Integrated Approach (MEDINA)
  37. Utility Benchmarking and Regulation in Developing Countries: Practical Application of Performance Monitoring and Incentives
  38. Decision Support for Water Framework Directive Implementation: Volume 3
  39. Predicting the Remaining Economic Life of Wastewater Pipes: Phase 1: Development of Standard Data Structure to Support Wastewater Pipe Condition and Performance Prediction
  40. Urban Hydroinformatics: Data, Models and Decision Support for Integrated Urban Water Management
  41. Metals and Related Substances in Drinking Water: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference, METEAU
  42. Source Separation and Treatment of Anthropogenic Urine
  43. Developing Better Indicators for Pathogen Presence in Sewage Sludges
  44. Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Septic Systems
  45. Nitrification
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