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  1. Sustainable Water Ecosystems Management in Europe: Bridging the Knowledge of Citizens, Scientists and Policy Makers
  2. Development of the Integrated Urban Water Management Tool
  3. Sustainable Food Waste Evaluation
  4. Stormwater Non-Potable Beneficial Uses and Effects on Urban Infrastructure
  5. Water Reclamation Technologies for Safe Managed Aquifer Recharge
  6. Best Practice Guide on the Sampling and Monitoring of Metals in Drinking Water
  7. Chemistry of Ozone in Water and Wastewater Treatment: From Basic Principles to Applications
  8. Attenuation of PPCPs through Golf Courses Using Recycled Water
  9. A Review of Advanced Sewer System Designs and Technologies
  10. Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Municipal Wastewater: For Decision Makers and Practicing Engineers
  11. Water-Energy Interactions in Water Reuse
  12. Best Practice Guide on Metals Removal from Drinking Water by Treatment
  13. Evolution of Water Supply Through the Millennia
  14. The Effect of Wet Weather Driven Dissolved Oxygen Sags on Fishes in Urban Systems
  15. Energy Efficiency in the Water Industry: A Compendium of Best Practices and Case Studies - Global Report
  16. 21st Century Water Municipal Issues and Concerns
  17. Leading Practices for Strategic Asset Management: Strategic Asset Management, Communication, and Implementation
  18. Arsenic Contamination in the World: An International Sourcebook 2012
  19. Water and Energy: Threats and Opportunities
  20. Water Services Management and Governance
  21. Disasters and Minewater: Good Practice and Prevention
  22. Flood Risk and Social Justice: From Quantitative to Qualitative Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  23. Barriers to Biogas Use for Renewable Energy
  24. Detection of Pathogens in Water Using Micro and Nano-Technology
  25. Gathering Unpublished Data for Compounds Detected in Biosolids
  26. Making Space for the River: Governance Experiences with Multifunctional River Flood Management in the US and Europe
  27. International Guidance Manual for the Management of Toxic Cyanobacteria
  28. Treatment Processes for Removal of Emerging Contaminants
  29. Calibrating the SMART Biosolids Model and Applying It to Fault Scenarios
  30. A Compendium of Best Practices in Asset Management
  31. Predicting the Remaining Economic Life of Wastewater Pipes
  32. Disinfection By-Products and Human Health: Relevance to Human Health
  33. Internal Corrosion Control of Water Supply Systems: Code of Practice
  34. Handbook of Biological Wastewater Treatment: Design and Optimisation of Activated Sludge Systems
  35. Guidelines for Using Activated Sludge Models
  36. Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage Systems
  37. Energy and Resource Recovery from Sludge
  38. Site Specific Risk Assessment Tools for Land Applied Biosolids
  39. Surveillance and Investigation of the Illness Reported by Neighbors of Biosolids Land Application and Other Soil Amendments: Pilot Testing
  40. Demonstrating Advanced Oxidation Coupled with Biodegradation for Removal of Carbamazepine
  41. Towards an Economic Decision Methodology for Remaining Asset Life: Research Roadmap
  42. Tools for Evaluating the Benefits of Green Infrastructure for Urban Water Management
  43. Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
  44. Environmental Aspects of Zoonotic Diseases
  45. Flood Risk
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