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  1. Preparing Urban Water Use Efficiency Plans
  2. Automatic Vacuum Flushing Technology for Combined Sewer Solids
  3. Faecal Sludge Management: Systems Approach for Implementation and Operation
  4. How to Design Wastewater Systems for Local Conditions in Developing Countries
  5. Twenty First Century Water Asset Accounting: Implications Report
  6. Utility Benchmarking for Wastewater: Synthesis Report
  7. Condition Assessment for Wastewater Pipelines: Synthesis Report
  8. Demonstration and Evaluation of Innovative Wastewater Main Rehabilitation Technologies
  9. Water Infrastructure Asset Management Primer
  10. Cryptosporidium Literature Review
  11. Generic Management Plan for Nitrosamines in Drinking water
  12. The Regulation of Water and Waste Services: An Integrated Approach (Rita-Ersar)
  13. Climate Change, Water and Agriculture: Towards Resilient Systems
  14. Resource Recovery from Wastewater: A Research Agenda
  15. Utilities of the Future Energy Findings
  16. Surface Complexation Modelling and Aluminum Mediated Phosphorus: White Paper
  17. Helminths: Handbook for Identification and Counting of Parasitic Helminth Eggs in Urban Wastewater
  18. Evolution of Sanitation and Wastewater Technologies through the Centuries
  19. Integrated Water Resource Management in Brazil
  20. Activated Sludge – 100 Years and Counting
  21. Decision Analysis/Implementation Guidance ? Asset Management Tools Development Research Digest: Phase 3
  22. Developing a Standardized Protocol for Assessing the Biodegradability of Trace Organic Compounds
  23. Holistic Assessment of Trace Organic Compounds (TOrC) in Wastewater Treatment
  24. Water Communication - Analysis of Strategies and Campaigns from the Water Sector
  25. Community Based Water Management and Social Capital
  26. Cities of the Future - Towards integrated sustainable water and landscape management
  27. Condition Assessment for Drinking Water Pipelines: Synthesis Report
  28. Management Practice for Drinking Water Pipelines: Synthesis Report
  29. Management Practice for Wastewater Pipelines: Synthesis Report
  30. Underground Utility Locating Technology: Synthesis Report
  31. The Foreseeable Future for Water Planning: Time to Change
  32. Management of Change in Water Companies: In Search of Sustainability and Excellence
  33. Development of predictive tools for membrane ageing
  34. Pilot Testing of Membrane Zero Liquid Discharge for Drinking Water Systems
  35. Solids Role in Tertiary Chemical Phosphorus Removal by Alum
  36. Nanotechnology in Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  37. Phosphorus Fractionation and Removal in Wastewater Treatment - Implications for Minimizing Effluent Phosphorus
  38. Computational Hydraulics: Numerical Methods and Modelling
  39. Benchmarking of Control Strategies for Wastewater Treatment Plants
  40. Twenty First Century Water Asset Accounting: Case Studies Report
  41. Waste Gas Treatment for Resource Recovery
  42. Co-Digestion of Organic Waste Products with Wastewater Solids: Final Report with Economic Model
  43. Water Conservation in Urban Households - Roles of Prices, Policies and Technologies
  44. Fate of Engineered Nanomaterials in Wastewater Biosolids, Land Application, and Incineration
  45. Leading Practices and Key Performance Indicators for Asset Maintenance
  46. Evaluation of the Efficiency of Biogas Treatment for the Removal of Siloxanes
  47. Guidance Manual for the minimisation of NDMA and other Nitrosamines in Drinking and Recycled Water
  48. Unflooding Asia: The Green Cities Way
  49. Water Management and Water Loss
  50. Progress in Slow Sand and Alternative Biofiltration Processes
  51. Reservoir Eutrophication: Preventive Management: An applied example of Integrated Basin Management Interdisciplinary Research
  52. The Application of Toxicogenomics for (Drinking) Water Quality Assessment
  53. Compendium of Sensors and Monitors and Their Use in the Global Water Industry
  54. Green Energy Life Cycle Assessment Tool User Manual
  55. Impacts of Shallow Geothermal Energy on Groundwater Quality
  56. Utility Benchmarking for Drinking Water: Synthesis Report
  57. Public Perception of Drinking Water Source Protection: Who Wants What?
  58. Alternative Water Supply Systems
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