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  1. A Practitioner's Guide to Economic Decision Making in Asset Management Background and Guidance
  2. Coastal Lagoons in Europe: Integrated Water Resource Strategies
  3. Renewal Engineering for Drinking Water Pipelines
  4. Guidance Document on Anaerobic Digester Foaming Prevention and Control Methods
  5. State of Knowledge of the Use of Sorption Technologies for Nutrient Recovery from Municipal Wastewaters
  6. Water and Cities: Ensuring Sustainable Futures
  7. Applications of Activated Sludge Models
  8. Climate Change, Water Supply and Sanitation: Risk Assessment, Management, Mitigation and Reduction
  9. Sewage Treatment Plants
  10. Efficient Desalination by Reverse Osmosis: A guide to RO practice
  11. Demonstrating Advanced Oxidation/Biofiltration for Pharmaceutical Removal in Wastewater
  12. Flood Risk: The Holistic Perspective: From Integrated to Interactive Planning for Flood Resilience
  13. The Bioavailable Phosphorus (BAP) Fraction in Effluent from Advanced Secondary and Tertiary Treatment
  14. Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply: Design, Yield, Energy, Health Risks, Economics and Social Perceptions
  15. Bioavailability and Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Nutrients in Wastewater Effluents
  16. Renewal Engineering for Wastewater Pipelines
  17. Immobilized Biocatalysts for Bioremediation of Groundwater and Wastewater
  18. Can TMDL Models Reproduce the Nutrient Loading-Hypoxia Relationship?
  19. Evaluating the Impacts of Cold and Wet Weather Events on Biological Nutrient Removal in Water Resource Recovery Facilities Nutrients
  20. Transforming Our Cities: High-Performance Green Infrastructure
  21. Algal Nutrient Removal During Wastewater Treatment
  22. Application of Membrane Bioreactor Processes for Achieving Low Effluent Nutrient Concentrations
  23. Case Study Application of Determining End of Asset Physical Life Using Survival Analysis Cincinnati and Milwaukee
  24. Framework for Energy Neutral Treatment for the 21st Century through Energy Efficient Aeration
  25. Water and Energy: Threats and Opportunities - Second Edition
  26. Guidance for Professional Development in Drinking Water and Wastewater Industry
  27. Mass Transfer Characteristics of Floating Media in MBBR and IFAS Fixed-Film Systems
  28. Natural Water Treatment Systems for Safe and Sustainable Water Supply in the Indian Context: Saph Pani
  29. Triple Bottom Line Evaluation of Biosolids Management Options
  30. Costing Improved Water Supply Systems for Low-income Communities: A Practical Manual
  31. Institutional Issues for Integrated ‘One Water’ Management
  32. Mineralization Kinetics of Soluble Phosphorus and Soluble Organic Nitrogen in Advanced Nutrient Removal Effluents
  33. N2O and CH4 Emission from Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems: State of the Science Report and Technical Report
  34. AquaRating: Un estándar internacional para evaluar los servicios de agua y saneamiento
  35. AquaRating: An international standard for assessing water and wastewater services
  36. Demonstrated Energy Neutrality Leadership: A Study of Five Champions of Change
  37. Evaluation and validation of rapid molecular methods for the detection and identification of microorganisms in water - Standard Operating Procedures
  38. Implementation of biological filtration for the treatment of cyanobacterial metabolites
  39. “MT-PCR – A rapid, reliable and effective tool for assessing toxic ‘algal’ blooms in Victorian water supplies: aiding protection and preservation”
  40. Water Resources Allocation: Sharing Risks and Opportunities
  41. Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water Governance
  42. The Governance of Water Regulators
  43. A Guide to Net-Zero Energy Solutions for Water Resource Recovery Facilities
  44. BNR Process Monitoring and Control with Online Nitrogen Analyzers for Nitrogen Credit Exchange Program in Connecticut
  45. Identification of Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Solutions to Promote These Practices
  46. Greywater Reuse
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