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  1. Environmental Technologies to Treat Rare Earth Element Pollution: Principles and Engineering
  2. Clean Water Using Solar and Wind: Outside the Power Grid (Persian Translation)
  3. Resource Recovery from Water: Principles and Application
  4. Pathways to Water Sector Decarbonization, Carbon Capture and Utilization
  5. Quantification and Modelling of Fugitive Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Urban Water Systems
  6. Photocatalytic Water and Wastewater Treatment
  7. Jar Tests for Water Treatment Optimisation: How to Perform Jar Tests – a handbook
  8. Land Use and Water Quality: The Impacts of Diffuse Pollution
  9. Groundwater Assessment and Management for sustainable water-supply and coordinated subsurface drainage: A Guidebook for Water Utilities & Municipal Authorities
  10. Embracing Analytics in the Drinking Water Industry
  11. Reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Water and Sanitation Services: Overview of emissions and their potential reduction illustrated by utility know-how
  12. Réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre des services d'eau et d'assainissement: Aperçu des émissions et de leur potentiel de réduction illustré par le savoir-faire des services d'eau
  13. Integrated Functional Sanitation Value Chain: The Role of the Sanitation Economy
  14. CFD Modelling for Wastewater Treatment Processes: IWA Working Group on Computational Fluid Dynamics
  15. Hospital Wastewater Treatment: Global Scenario and Case Studies
  16. Anaerobic Digestate Management
  17. Water Interactions – A Systemic View: Why we Need to Comprehend the Water-Climate-Energy-Food-Economics-Lifestyle Connections
  18. Water Resources Allocation and Agriculture: Transitioning from Open to Regulated Access
  19. Tratamento Biológico de Esgoto: Princípios, Modelagem e Projeto, 2a edição
  20. Celebrating passion for Water, Science and Technology: Festschrift in Honour of Gustaf Olsson
  21. A Strategic Digital Transformation for the Water Industry
  22. Integrated Wastewater Management for Health and Valorization: A Design Manual for Resource Challenged Cities
  23. Improving Utilities with Systems Thinking: People, Process, and Technology
  24. Smart Water Utilities: Complexity Made Simple (Persian Translation)
  25. Generalised Physicochemical Model (PCM) for Wastewater Processes
  26. Michael Abbott's Hydroinformatics: Poiesis of New Relationships with Water
  27. Water Infrastructure Planning–Management and Design Under Climate Uncertainty
  28. Water recycling and low-carbon development
  29. SARS-CoV-2 in Water
  30. Hydrological Extremes in a Changing Environment: Modelling and Attribution Analysis
  31. From Knowledge and Capacity Development to an Implementation Science: Policy Concepts and Operational Approaches
  32. Water Management Addressing Societal and Climate Change Challenges
  33. Impact of Climate Change on Hydrology and Water Resources
  34. Evolutionary Algorithms in Water Resources
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