The internet of things (IoT), an emerging technological marvel, consists of a group of physical objects such as vehicles, machines and sensors to monitor and transfer data over the internet with much less human to machine interaction. It relies on a host of technologies like application programming interfaces (API), which in turn, help the devices to get connected with the internet. Efficient irrigation tank management requires a strong database on continuous water level dynamics for irrigation decision-making. Real-time tank water level monitoring is possible through an IoT device by integrating sensors and microcontroller that can send the water level data to the cloud. Google sheet is used to store the water level data that can be viewed using web application as well as mobile application. The contour map of the study tank is used to develop the stage (water level) vs volume curve. The volume of water present in the tank at any time can be arrived at for any tank water level using the above curve. The developed device can provide real-time continuous water level data with low cost and simple infrastructure, thus aiding tank water management.


  • An IoT device is developed by integrating sensors and microcontroller which can sense and send the real time tank water level data to the cloud.

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