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Research Article September 15 2020
Multi-objective fuzzy optimization for sustainable irrigation planning
Research Article September 15 2020
Drivers of change in urban water and wastewater tariffs
Research Article September 4 2020
Water geochemical markers allow to estimate the impact of climate change on the hydrological regime of an alpine river (River Arve, France, Switzerland)
Research Article August 28 2020
Quantifying natural organic matter concentration in water from climatological parameters using different machine learning algorithms
Research Article August 10 2020
Characterizing past and future trend and frequency of extreme rainfall in urban catchments: a case study
Research Article August 7 2020
Improving wastewater treatment plants operational efficiency and effectiveness through an integrated performance assessment system
Research Article August 4 2020
Decision tree-based reduction of bias in monthly IMERG satellite precipitation dataset over India
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