In this paper, a comprehensive modified stochastic dynamic programing with artificial neural network (MSDP-ANN) model is developed and applied to derive optimal operational strategies for a reservoir. Most water resource problems involve uncertainty. To show that the MSDP-ANN model addresses uncertainty in the input variable, the result of the MSDP-ANN model is compared with the performance of a detailed conventional stochastic dynamic programing with regression analysis (CSDP-RA) model. The computational time of the CSDP-ANN model is modified with concave objective functions by deriving a monotonic relationship between the reservoir storage and optimal release decision, and an algorithm is proposed to improve the computational efficiency of reservoir operation. Various indices (i.e. reliability, vulnerability, and resiliency) were calculated to assess the model performance. After comparing the performance of the CSDP-RA model with that of the MSDP-ANN model, it was observed that the MSDP-ANN model produces a more reliable and resilient model and a smaller supply deficit. Thus, it can be concluded that the MSDP-ANN model performs better than the CSDP-RA model in deriving the optimal operating policy for the reservoir.

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