A statistical analysis of the rainfalls is carried out for detecting a possible trend in the observed data. The rainfall dataset refers to the historical series collected in the hydrographic basins of the Marche region. On the one hand, the annual maximum daily, hourly and sub-hourly rainfalls have been analysed, on the other hand Climate Change Indices by Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI) (R1 mm, Rx1day, R20 mm, R95pTOT, PRCPTOT) have been computed to verify an eventual variation of the frequency of the rainfall regime in the Marche region. The time series, selected in the reference period 1951–2013, have been processed by using the non-parametric Mann–Kendall test. The results confirm that most of the series relating to the annual maximum rainfalls do not exhibit any trend. The absence of trend or the presence of negative trend prevail also in the analysis of the ETCCDI indices. The annual average anomalies of the same indices computed with respect to the climatological reference period 1961–1990 are negative since the mid-1980s, but they appear to show an increasing behaviour in the period 2009–2013.

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