The XXIX Nordic Water conference was held at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 8–10 August 2016. The university is one of the most liberal and modern academic institutions in Lithuania, boasting an exciting history, nurturing and continuing deep-rooted traditions, playing a leading role not just in Lithuania, but also the entire Baltic and European intellectual and cultural sphere.

In total, over 80 abstracts were submitted from 16 countries, including Nordic and Baltic countries, where most contributions came from, as well as China, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Portugal and Russia.

The main topic was the ‘role of hydrology towards water resources sustainability’, with scientists from different countries exchanging their views on assessment and prediction of key variables of water cycle, as well as sharing their scientific knowledge on advanced methods and modelling technology. The conference themes revolved around hydrological implications of climate and...

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