In this paper, a simple conceptual model is presented to describe the dynamics of total suspended solid (TSS) transport during snowmelt- and rainfall-induced road runoff from a small urban runoff plot in northern Sweden. The study period (28 March to 28 May 2000) included both snowmelt and rainfall. A temperature-index method is used to describe snowmelt and the accumulation and transport of TSS is described by a linear build-up function and a wash-off model. The model was verified through measurements taken from 22 March to 22 May 2001. The simulation results showed that the simple model concept was capable of describing the dynamics of road runoff and TSS well, based on the continuous course of events for the whole modelling period. However, if the model was used for simulating a snowmelt period, or single events during snowmelt, the model approach would be too simple.

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