This paper presents results of analyses by parametric methods of annual means of temperature, precipitation and discharge, and of seasonal maximum precipitation at 17, 28 and 10 Icelandic stations, respectively, for the period 1961–2000. Trends in mean seasonal temperature and precipitation are in broad agreement with results found by other authors using other methods. A positive trend appears in both mean annual temperature and mean temperatures in most seasons. Annual mean precipitation trends are positive in most seasons except for negative trends in the September–November season in the south. Additionally, positive trends appear in maximum one-, three- and five-day precipitation, both during the spring and autumn, except at a group of stations in central Iceland. Some of the positive trends in mean annual and seasonal precipitation may, however, be attributed to the positive trend in temperature which may have influenced gauge catch. Trends in mean annual and seasonal discharge are small and statistically insignificant; the trends found in temperature and precipitation do not all relate directly to trends in discharge but suggest hypotheses for further study of the relationships between them.

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