Increased atmospheric deposition of inorganic nitrogen (N) may lead to increased leaching of nitrate (NO3) to surface waters. The mechanisms responsible for, and controls on, this leaching are matters of debate. An experimental N addition has been conducted at Gårdsjön, Sweden to determine the magnitude and identify the mechanisms of N leaching from forested catchments within the EU funded project NITREX. The ability of INCA-N, a simple process-based model of catchment N dynamics, to simulate catchment-scale inorganic N dynamics in soil and stream water during the course of the experimental addition is evaluated. Simulations were performed for 1990–2002. Experimental N addition began in 1991. INCA-N was able to successfully reproduce stream and soil water dynamics before and during the experiment. While INCA-N did not correctly simulate the lag between the start of N addition and NO3 breakthrough, the model was able to simulate the state change resulting from increased N deposition. Sensitivity analysis showed that model behaviour was controlled primarily by parameters related to hydrology and vegetation dynamics and secondarily by in-soil processes.

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