This study aims to determine trends in annual and seasonal rainfall and rainy days over different river basins across India. The data used consists of daily gridded rainfall at 1° × 1° resolution for the period 1951–2004. Sen's non-parametric estimator of slope was used to estimate the magnitude of trend whose statistical significance was assessed by the Mann–Kendall test. Among 22 basins studied, 15 showed a decreasing trend in annual rainfall; only one basin showed a significant decreasing trend at 95% confidence level. Of the 6 basins showing an increasing trend, 1 basin showed a significant positive trend. The monsoon rainfall increased over 6 basins, decreased over 16 basins and a decreasing trend for 2 basins was found statistical significant. With the exception of Ganga, Brahmaputra and EFR4, all river basins experienced the same direction of trend in monsoon and annual rainfall. Four river basins experienced increasing (non-significant) trend in annual rainy days; three basins did not show any change in annual rainy days whereas 15 basins have shown a decreasing trend in annual rainy days. The decreasing trend in three basins was statistically significant. Most of the basins have shown the same direction of trend in rainfall and rainy days at the annual and seasonal scale.

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