The water and sediment samples from the Sulejow Reservoir and Pilica River (Central Poland) were analysed for nutrients: total phosphorus (TP), total nitrogen (TN) and the suspended particulate matter (SPM) and dioxin-like PCBs (dl-PCBs) concentration. Dl-PCBs were detected in sediments from all seven sampling locations with mean concentrations of 14.29 ng kg−1 dry weight (d.w.). The lowest concentration was recorded in the sediment collected below the Sulejow Reservoir (PR5; 2.92 ng kg−1 d.w.) and the highest in the sample collected from the mouth section of the Pilica River (PR7; 26.30 ng kg−1 d.w.). The 29% reduction of the total dl-PCBs concentration – from 9.21 ng kg−1 d.w. in the middle section to 6.54 ng kg−1 d.w. in the dam section of the Sulejow Reservoir – demonstrated the hydraulic transport and deposition of measured pollutants in the reservoir's sediments. The results obtained also revealed the reduction of nutrients and the SPM concentrations. A 45% reduction of SPM, 28% reduction of TP and 34% of TN was observed between the water inflow and outflow from the Sulejow Reservoir.

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