The objectives of this study were to: (i) evaluate the CLImate GENerator model (CLIGEN v.5.22564) to reproduce daily, monthly and yearly precipitation values across Bautzen catchment area, as well as storm patterns including maximum monthly 30 min intensity and average monthly storm duration at two stations, (ii) cross-validate CLIGEN's spatial and temporal prediction ability. Daily rainfall data were collected from three stations (Kubschütz, Sohland and Spittwitz) for the period 1991–2010, in addition to breakpoint rainfall data from Kubschütz for the period 2004–2010 and Sohland for the period 2005–2010. The daily data from the three stations were interpolated to the entire catchment area. These interpolated observed data were used to validate the results from CLIGEN twice, once when the model was run with input parameters calculated from the interpolated data, and once when the model was run with input parameters calculated from each station independently. The model was cross-validated with respect to time at each station independently. For that purpose, the period 1991–2010 was subdivided into two intervals for each station; the first one was used to calibrate the model and the second one to validate it and vice versa. Results showed that CLIGEN can be sufficiently used to simulate rainfall and storm pattern parameters.

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