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Research Article March 30 2020
Limitations in using runoff coefficients for green and gray roof design
Research Article March 30 2020
Reproducing different types of changes in hydrological indicators with rainfall-runoff models
Research Article March 27 2020
Forecast of streamflows to the Arctic Ocean by a Bayesian neural network model with snowcover and climate inputs
Research Article March 27 2020
Spatial downscaling of radar-derived rainfall field by two-dimensional wavelet transform
Research Article March 26 2020
Detection and attribution of flood responses to precipitation change and urbanization: a case study in Qinhuai River Basin, Southeast China
Research Article March 20 2020
Usage of SIMWE model to model urban overland flood: a case study in Oslo
Research Article March 20 2020
Spatial and temporal characteristics of the daily precipitation concentration index over China from 1979 to 2015
Research Article March 17 2020
Improving hydropower inflow forecasts by assimilating snow data
Research Article March 17 2020
Precipitation phase uncertainty in cold region conceptual models resulting from meteorological forcing time-step intervals
Research Article March 17 2020
Trends, change points and spatial variability in extreme precipitation events from 1961 to 2017 in China
Research Article March 17 2020
Spatial interpolation of rain-field dynamic time-space evolution based on radar rainfall data
Research Article March 17 2020
Improved SMA-based SCS-CN method incorporating storm duration for runoff prediction on the Loess Plateau, China
Research Article February 21 2020
Evaluation of global forcing datasets for hydropower inflow simulation in Nepal
Research Article February 14 2020
Testing the applicability of physiographic classification methods toward improving precipitation phase determination in conceptual models
Research Article February 13 2020
The dependence of the consumption of dissolved oxygen on lake morphology in ice covered lakes
Research Article February 11 2020
Probabilistic analysis of the controls on groundwater depth using Copula Functions
Research Article February 7 2020
Evaluation of coupled ANN-GA model to prioritize flood source areas in ungauged watersheds
Research Article January 22 2020
Evaluating joint operation rules for connecting tunnels between two multipurpose dams
Research Article January 22 2020
Can model-based data products replace gauge data as input to the hydrological model?
Research Article January 22 2020
Reasons for the homogenization of the seasonal discharges in the Yangtze River
Research Article December 31 2019
Risk assessment for areas prone to flooding and subsidence: a case study from Bergen, Western Norway
Research Article December 18 2019
Climate change impacts on summer flood frequencies in two mountainous catchments in China and Switzerland
Research Article October 21 2019
Integrated model projections of climate change impacts on water-level dynamics in the large Poyang Lake (China)
Research Article October 18 2019
Uncertainty of annual runoff projections in Lithuanian rivers under a future climate
Research Article October 10 2019
Response of melt water and rainfall runoff to climate change and their roles in controlling streamflow changes of the two upstream basins over the Tibetan Plateau
Research Article August 26 2019
A dynamic river network method for the prediction of floods using a parsimonious rainfall-runoff model
Research Article July 18 2019
Features and causes of catastrophic floods in the Nemunas River basin
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