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Research Article January 22 2020
Evaluating joint operation rules for connecting tunnels between two multipurpose dams
Research Article January 22 2020
Can model-based data products replace gauge data as input to the hydrological model?
Research Article January 22 2020
Reasons for the homogenization of the seasonal discharges in the Yangtze River
Research Article December 31 2019
Risk assessment for areas prone to flooding and subsidence: a case study from Bergen, Western Norway
Research Article December 31 2019
Pumping optimization of coastal aquifers using probabilistic search - case study: quaternary aquifer of El-Arish Rafah, Egypt
Research Article December 18 2019
Evaluation of bias-adjusted satellite precipitation estimations for extreme flood events in Langat river basin, Malaysia
Research Article December 18 2019
Climate change impacts on summer flood frequencies in two mountainous catchments in China and Switzerland
Research Article December 16 2019
Integrated framework for assessing climate change impact on extreme rainfall and the urban drainage system
Research Article December 9 2019
The applicability of real-time flood forecasting correction techniques coupled with the Muskingum method
Research Article December 2 2019
Logarithmic transformation and peak-discharge power-law analysis
Research Article November 26 2019
Cause analysis for a new type of devastating flash flood
Research Article November 19 2019
Predictive models for stemflow and throughfall estimation in four fruit tree species under hot and sub-humid climatic region
Research Article November 19 2019
Urban flood risk mapping using data-driven geospatial techniques for a flood-prone case area in Iran
Research Article November 18 2019
Exploration on hydrological model calibration by considering the hydro-meteorological variability
Research Article October 21 2019
Integrated model projections of climate change impacts on water-level dynamics in the large Poyang Lake (China)
Research Article October 18 2019
Uncertainty of annual runoff projections in Lithuanian rivers under a future climate
Research Article October 10 2019
Response of melt water and rainfall runoff to climate change and their roles in controlling streamflow changes of the two upstream basins over the Tibetan Plateau
Research Article August 26 2019
A dynamic river network method for the prediction of floods using a parsimonious rainfall-runoff model
Research Article July 18 2019
Features and causes of catastrophic floods in the Nemunas River basin
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