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Research Article September 16 2021
Improving real-time operational streamflow simulations using discharge data to update state variables of a distributed hydrological model
Research Article September 13 2021
Responses of groundwater to precipitation variability and ENSO in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
Research Article September 13 2021
Simulation of the ice thickness of the Heilongjiang River and application of SD models to a river ice model
Research Article September 9 2021
Accuracy assessment and error cause analysis of GPM (V06) in Xiangjiang river catchment
Research Article September 1 2021
Copula-based modeling of hydraulic structures using a nonlinear reservoir model
Research Article August 26 2021
Large broad-leaved canopy of banana (Musa nana Lour.) induces dramatically high spatial–temporal variability of throughfall
Correction August 18 2021
Corrigendum: Hydrology Research 50 (5): 1453–1462: Effects of two typical revegetation methods on soil moisture in the semi-arid Loess Plateau, China Qian Zhao, Lei Yang, Xin Wang, Runcheng Bi and Qindi Zhang DOI:
Research Article August 17 2021
Stochastic modeling of artificial neural networks for real-time hydrological forecasts based on uncertainties in transfer functions and ANN weights
Research Article August 17 2021
Decline in net primary productivity caused by severe droughts: evidence from the Pearl River basin in China
Research Article August 17 2021
Local climate change projections and impact on the surface hydrology in the Vea catchment, West Africa
Research Article August 10 2021
A new Xin'anjiang and Sacramento combined rainfall-runoff model and its application
Research Article July 29 2021
Application of red edge band in remote sensing extraction of surface water body: a case study based on GF-6 WFV data in arid area
Research Article July 28 2021
Identifying critical source areas of nonpoint source pollution in a watershed with SWAT–ECM and AHP methods
Research Article July 21 2021
Identification and characteristics analysis of Meiyu in Anhui Province based on the National Standard of Meiyu monitoring indices
Research Article July 14 2021
Evaluating the influence of hydrological condition on the phosphorus loads in an agricultural river basin using the SWAT model
Research Article July 14 2021
Design flood estimation with varying record lengths in Norway under stationarity and nonstationarity scenarios
Research Article July 7 2021
Application of temporal convolutional network for flood forecasting
Research Article June 29 2021
A novel hybrid XAJ-LSTM model for multi-step-ahead flood forecasting
Research Article June 25 2021
A novel remote sensing method to determine reservoir characteristic curves using high-resolution data
Research Article June 23 2021
The relationship between typical heavy metal content and physiological indexes of shrubs in bioretention facilities
Research Article June 18 2021
Hybrid point and interval prediction approaches for drought modeling using ground-based and remote sensing data
Research Article May 19 2021
Temporary dependency of parameter sensitivity for different flood types
Research Article April 12 2021
Detecting the dominant contributions of runoff variance across the source region of the Yellow River using a new decomposition framework
Research Article April 9 2021
A collaborated framework to improve hydrologic ecosystem services management with sparse data in a semi-arid basin
Research Article March 10 2021
Soil salinization affected by hydrogeochemical processes of shallow groundwater in Cangzhou City, a coastal region in North China
Research Article February 26 2021
A statistical approach for reconstructing natural streamflow series based on streamflow variation identification
Research Article February 26 2021
On the runoff validation of ‘Global BROOK90’ automatic modeling framework
Correction September 1 2020
Corrigendum: Hydrology Research (2019) 50 (6): 1645–1664: Difference in the bed load transport of graded and uniform sediments during floods: An experimental investigation
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