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Nordic Association for Hydrology (NHF) is an independent body aiming at promoting  hydrology as a science, increasing the  understanding of hydrology, and enhancing the application of hydrological methods within applied sciences and water management, generally and in the North. The Association strongly supports international hydrological co-operation. More information is available on their website.

The British Hydrological Society (BHS) was formed in 1983 in response to a clear need in the UK for a new, broad-based, national society for the advancement of hydrology. The Society caters for all those with an interest in the inter-disciplinary subject of hydrology. It aims to promote interest and scholarship in scientific and applied aspects of hydrology, and to foster the involvement of its members in national and international activities. More information is given on their website.

Additionally, Hydrology Research is the official journal of The Italian Hydrological Society (IHS) and The German Hydrological Society (DHG).


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