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Hydrology Research Special Issue on

Innovations, Advances and Future Challenges for the Hydrological Community



In the last decades, the hydrology and water management sectors have been dealing with global changes, proposing several innovative solutions. Climate changes are leading to an increase of long hot and dry periods, alternated by short and intense rainfall events. Urban areas are particularly vulnerable to these changes: the rapid population growth and the intense anthropic activity enhance the risk of extreme hydrological events. Several solutions have been proposed in the last years to monitor, prevent, forecast and mitigate rainfall extremes and their effects in natural and urban environments. Some questions, however, remain unsolved and new issues are challenging the hydrological community.

The 10th edition of the ‘Hydrology Days’ of the Italian Hydrological Society (SII-IHS) was held in Bologna (Italy) from 16 to 19 September 2019. During this event, hydrologists and stakeholders in the field of water resources management shared the results of their research and discussed the most relevant challenges that the hydrological community must face nowadays. With the celebration of the 10th anniversary, the SII-IHS promoted a Special Issue of Hydrology Research open to the participants of the ‘Hydrology Days’ as well as to other contributions related to the role of the hydrologist in a changing environment and the consequent challenges posed to the hydrological community.

The papers in this Special Issue reflect inter- and multidisciplinary aims and topics discussed during the ‘Hydrology Days’ of the SII-IHS. The contributions collected in this Special Issue are organized into the following three main topics: (1) Climate change and geo-hydrological risk, (2) Tools and techniques for improving the comprehension of catchment hydrology and river hydraulics, and (3) Sustainable use of water resources.


Guest Editors:

Elena Volpi, Roma Tre University, Italy

Elena Cristiano, University of Cagliari, Italy

Marco Peli, University of Brescia, Italy

Martina Siena, University of Milan, Italy

Giulia Zuecco, University of Padua, Italy


Editorial: Innovations, advances, and future challenges for the hydrological community

Elena Cristiano, Marco Peli, Martina Siena, Giulia Zuecco

Hydrology Research (1 August 2023) 54 (8): iii–v.




Significance of hydraulic complexity parameters M1 and M2 based on the laboratory and field data

Farhad Bahmanpouri, Donatella Termini, Silvia Barbetta, Marco Dionigi, Tommaso Moramarco

Hydrology Research (1 March 2023) 54 (3): 303–312.




CERCA (Cascading Effects in Risk Consequences Assessment): An operational tool for geo-hydrological scenario risk assessment and cascading effects evaluation

Daniela Biondi, Graziella Emanuela Scarcella, Pasquale Versace

Hydrology Research (1 February 2023) 54 (2): 189–207.




Post-processing climate projections of precipitation for the Po river basin: will Italy's North become water-constrained?

Oleksiy Boyko, Paolo Reggiani, Ezio Todini

Hydrology Research (1 November 2022) 53 (11): 1414–1427.




Multilayer blue-green roofs as nature-based solutions for water and thermal insulation management

Elena Cristiano, Antonio Annis, Ciro Apollonio, Dario Pumo, Salvatore Urru, Francesco Viola, Roberto Deidda, Raffaele Pelorosso, Andrea Petroselli, Flavia Tauro, Salvatore Grimaldi, Antonio Francipane, Francesco Alongi, Leonardo Valerio Noto, Olivier Hoes, Friso Klapwijk, Brian Schmitt, Fernando Nardi

Hydrology Research (1 September 2022) 53 (9): 1129–1149.




The limits of watershed delineation: implications of different DEMs, DEM resolutions, and area threshold values

Srijon Datta, Shyamal Karmakar, Symon Mezbahuddin, Mohammad Mozaffar Hossain, B. S. Chaudhary, Md. Enamul Hoque, M. M. Abdullah Al Mamun, Tarit Kumar Baul

Hydrology Research (1 August 2022) 53 (8): 1047–1062.




Identification of suitable sites for traditional pokhari water harvesting in mountain rural communities of the Himalaya

Eleonora Forzini, Luigi Piemontese, Elena Bresci, Blandine Barthod, Florian Bielser, Marc Sylvestre, Nirmal Adhikari, Sony Pun, Giulio Castelli

Hydrology Research (1 November 2022) 53 (11): 1340–1356.




Baseflow index characterization in typical temperate to dry climates: conceptual analysis and simulation experiment to assess the relative role of climate forcing features and catchment geological settings

Antonia Longobardi, Paolo Villani

Hydrology Research (1 February 2023) 54 (2): 136–148.




Land use and damaging hydrological events temporal changes in the Sarno River basin: potential for green technologies mitigation by remote sensing analysis

Mirka Mobilia, Antonia Longobardi, Donato Amitrano, Giuseppe Ruello

Hydrology Research (1 March 2023) 54 (3): 277–302.




Application of Benfratello's method to estimate the spatio-temporal variability of the irrigation deficit in a Mediterranean semiarid climate

Marco Peli, Cesare Rapuzzi, Stefano Barontini, Roberto Ranzi

Hydrology Research (1 April 2023) 54 (4): 451–474.




Modelling annual maximum daily rainfall with the STORAGE (STOchastic RAinfall GEnerator) model

Andrea Petroselli, Davide Luciano De Luca, Dariusz Młyński, Andrzej Wałęga

Hydrology Research (1 April 2022) 53 (4): 547–561.



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