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Hydrology Research Special Issue on

Advances in Water Science Research




Over the past 100 years, issues related to insufficient water resources are becoming increasingly serious and are associated with the impacts of climate change and human activity. This added strain brings new challenges to the sustainable use of water resources and water management. As a subject, water science has gained increasing relevance in the last 20 years as it permeates all aspects of society, ecology, environment, resource utilization, national security and the economy. Accordingly, many new disciplines and research directions have derived from water science which has become a hot spot in academic research and scientific and technological application.

The China Water Forum (CWF) is the largest conference focused on water science. It is sponsored by the China Society of Natural Resources, to promote research, discussion, and resolution of issues related to hydrology, water resources, and the water eco-environment. Over 1000 professors, engineers, and graduate students from more than 100 universities or institutes attend the forum every year. The forum gathers almost all researchers who are interested in hydrology research and management of water resources and water eco-environment. This Special Issue was based on the 18th China Water Forum and achieved great success.


Guest Editors:

Prof. Hongbo Zhang, Chang’an University, China.

Dr. Yinglan A, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China.

A. Prof. Lei Yu, Zhengzhou University, China.

A. Prof. Yu Li, Dalian University of Technology, China.

A. Prof. Xuan Zhang, Beijing Normal University, China.


Editorial: Advances in Water Science Research

Hongbo Zhang; Guoqiang Wang; Yueping Xu; Yun Pan; Yongyong Zhang

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): iii-v.



A statistical approach for reconstructing natural streamflow series based on streamflow variation identification

Chiheng Dang; Hongbo Zhang; Vijay P. Singh; Tong Zhi; Jingru Zhang; Hao Ding

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1100-1115.



The relationship between typical heavy metal content and physiological indexes of shrubs in bioretention facilities

Yongwei Gong; Zhihua Zhou; Baolin Xue; Xiyan Ren; Yan Hao; Junqi Li

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1132-1142.



A novel remote sensing method to determine reservoir characteristic curves using high-resolution data

Tiesheng Guan; Qin Xu; Xing Chen; Jing Cai;

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1066-1082.



Soil salinization affected by hydrogeochemical processes of shallow groundwater in Cangzhou City, a coastal region in North China

Tiesheng Guan; Qijun Den; Xuejun Ma; Xiaosi Su; Xuemei Ma

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1116-1131.



Evaluating the influence of hydrological condition on the phosphorus loads in an agricultural river basin using the SWAT model

Jian Cui; Yue Zhao; Wenchao Sun; Yan Chen; Bo Wu; Baolin Xue; Haiyang Chen; Zhanjie Li; Zaifeng Tian

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1143-1158.



Temporary dependency of parameter sensitivity for different flood types

Suli Pan; Yue-Ping Xu; Haiting Gu; Zhixu Bai; Weidong Xuan

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 990-1014.



Accuracy assessment and error cause analysis of GPM (V06) in Xiangjiang river catchment

Bingru Tian; Hua Chen; Jialing Wang; Chong-Yu Xu

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1048-1065.



On the runoff validation of ‘Global BROOK90’ automatic modeling framework

Ivan Vorobevskii; Rico Kronenberg; Christian Bernhofer

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1083 -1099.



A collaborated framework to improve hydrologic ecosystem services management with sparse data in a semi-arid basin

Yifan Wu; Yang Xu; Guodong Yin; Xuan Zhang; Chong Li; Liyu Wu; Xiao Wang; Qiuhong Hu; Fanghua Hao

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1159 -1172.



Detecting the dominant contributions of runoff variance across the source region of the Yellow River using a new decomposition framework

Jingkai Xie; Yue-Ping Xu; Yuxue Guo; Yitong Wang

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1015 -1032.



Identifying dominant component of runoff yield processes: a case study in a sub-basin of the middle Yellow River

Li Zhang; Caihong Hu; Shengqi Jian; Qiang Wu; Guang Ran; Yuanhao Xu

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 1033 -1047.



Identification and characteristics analysis of Meiyu in Anhui Province based on the National Standard of Meiyu monitoring indices

Yuliang Zhou; Yilin Zuo; Yuliang Zhang; Juliang Jin; Ping Zhou; Chengguo Wu; Yi Cui; Shaowei Ning

Hydrology Research (1st October 2021) 52 (5): 975 -989.


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