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Hydrology Research Special Issue on

Hydrogeomorphic Systems and Climate and Vegetation Changes in Cold Regions




Cold regions in high latitudes and high altitudes play an important role in controlling land-atmosphere interaction, climate variability, and sustaining water resources. They store water in the form of snow and ice during cold months and release melt-water during warm months when the demand for water use is high. Hydrologic and geomorphic processes are rapidly changing in cold regions in response to climate and vegetation variations. Changes in snow and ice may provide positive feedback to the atmosphere and amplify the warming rates in cold regions as albedo decreases with snow and ice retreats under a warm climate. We cordially invite researchers and scientists to contribute to this Special Issue. We are particularly interested in, but not limited to, studies that can:

  • Improve our understanding of vulnerability and resilience to changes and variations in climate and vegetation across space and time scales;
  •  Provide diagnostic frameworks to explain why changes occur and what are the underlying causes; and
  • Provide regional or seasonal specific sustainable and adaptive strategies to mitigate the effects of geohazards, climate and vegetation changes and variations.


The scope of this Special Issue is broad. It covers studies from remote sensing to numerical or statistical modeling, and experimental or theoretical approaches for diagnosing or predicting the changes, understanding the extreme events, and providing adaptation strategies for sustainable hydrologic and geomorphic systems. This Special Issue will hopefully complement our understanding of the linkage among changing climate, cryosphere, earth surface, and water flow and storage in cold regions.

We are pleased to invite you to submit a manuscript to Hydrology Research for peer review and possible publication in a Special Issue entitled “Hydrogeomorphic Systems and Climate and Vegetation Changes in Cold Regions”.


Relevant topics include:

  • Cold regions;
  • Geomorphology;
  • Climate change in relation to cold regions;
  • Climate variability in relation to cold regions;
  • Vegetation changes in relation to cold regions;
  • High latitudes;
  • Sustainability and/or resilience.


Key dates:

Deadline for manuscript submission: March 30, 2023

Expected publication: May 30, 2023


Guest Editor:

Dr. Kabir Rasouli, The University of British Columbia, Canada


How to submit:

Please make sure that your paper follows the Instructions to Authors of the journal, before submitting your paper directly to Hydrology Research’s peer review system. Then choose the article type – ‘Special Issue Article OA’ and the submission category –Special Issue: Cold Region Systems and Climate Change’. This will send your paper to one of the Guest Editors.

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