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IWA Publishing is a leading international publisher of water, wastewater and environmental publications. IWAP produces high-quality, authoritative content across 15 industry-leading journals and a range of books. 

Sobre el revista - About IA

La Revista Ingeniería del Agua surge de la asociación de la Fundación para el Fomento de la Ingeniería del Agua (FFIA) y la IWA con el objetivo de promover una revista que permita la difusión y discusión de avances científicos en torno a la Ingeniería del Agua en español y portugués.

New to Open Access?

Check out our short (30 minute) crash-course webinar on the essentials you should know about Open Access (OA) including OA types, licenses and procedures.

Open Access waivers for the developing world

IWA Publishing is proud to work with Research4Life to waive Open Access fees for authors from developing countries and to grant free access to our content.

Publish Your Paper Open Access

Publish your paper Open Access

Did you know? We offer authors a number of options to publish their paper Open Access (OA), including in three fully OA journals.

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